Website Design Resources



When I first started developing webpages, my first thought was to run out and spend $180 (Canadian Dollars) on FrontPage '98 but I am glad I didn't. Not to suggest that it is not a good program but it would have hindered my learning of the code. Furthermore, many HTML Editors and WYSIWYG HTML Editors even now do not yet support HTML4 very well or sometimes not at all.

Text/HTML Editors


I have tried a couple of WYSIWYG editors but have not been fully satisfied with them. They could be used to speed up website development and maintenance but I find that each of their weaknesses forces me to revert back to my text editors from where I find it difficult to go back to the WYSIWYS editor.

Graphics Software

Depending on the work I need to do, I will use any of:

I have used GIMP for Windows: the Linux version is probably more advanced and stable but the Windows version isn't bad.

I have a HP 6350 scanner which I use for scanning photos, etc.


Given my interest in developing standards compliant websites, I should not have to use many browsers to test my work. However, even compliant browsers have bugs or weaknesses in their implementations.

I will use the following browsers to test my work (in this order):

Other Software

I have Apache for Windows installed on my system to test my pages on a webserver. I am currently running it on Windows 98 but I plan to upgrade to Windows 2000 so I can run IIS5 to test ASP

Files are uploaded to websites using Bullet Proof FTP.