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I have been disappointed in the past with most tutorials in that they focus on isolated features or functions, not how to start from scratch and end up with a finished product. The only HTML tutorial that I have found that is worth its weight in gold is the tutorial by Alan Levine which he wrote for Maricopa College. Although it was then, and continues to be, for the most part, a tutorial on the use of HTML 3.2, it is the best tutorial I have seen and I challenge anyone to find a better one. As I have since moved on to HTML 4 and CSS, I have had to relearn a lot of HTML: dropping the tags and attributes which are not part of HTML 4 and adding the styles that replace them.


Although I feel that most "tutorials" do not reach the same standard as the one by Alan Levine, there are many other good resources I have found to be useful.


As there is so much information on the Internet about developing web pages, it almost makes little sense to go out and purchase a book on it. However, not every writer has chosen the Internet as their method of delivery and until there is a secure method of delivering content via the Internet, such as the eBook format, paper-based books will continue to be important.