Julian Rickards
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Relevant Experience and Skills
  • able to teach myself; can draw from extensive experience, able to work out problems and will search for help or additional information from the Internet
  • taught myself how to code HTML 3.2 (Wilbur), HTML 4, CSS and Javascript using books and Internet online tutorials
  • taught myself how to draw diagrams using Visio for INCO contract - learned it and applied it so well, INCO now considers me the Visio expert on the INCO Computer-based Training Project
  • enjoy reading and learning more about computer software, hardware and techniques
  • critical of my own work and accepting of constructive criticism and comments from others
  • able to focus attention on job at hand and willing to dedicate time and effort to do the job well
  • strong writing skills: have written and published four scientific papers in refereed journals, three research theses and many reports for the Director of Social Services and Regional Director of Health & Social Services
  • presented three research theses at public defenses and two papers at scientific conferences

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